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Parker Cattle Services is a family ran operation in Eastern Colorado.  Our mission statement is very simple, our goal is to evolve into a cattle operation which can sustain itself into the next generation.

Is not a better place to raise children than in a farm or ranch environment?  Adding value to our cattle is a goal.  The environment of eastern Colorado and western Kansas is as tough as any.  Both temperature and moisture extremes create as many challenges producing cattle as any in the country.  We believe many producers can benefit from using Simmental and/or Simmental-Angus cross bulls on the predominantly Angus cow base which is out there today.  Today’s consumer wants leaner beef that will grade choice.  Choice is still desired by the consumer and packers want higher yields when they harvest the cattle they purchase.  We think Simmental on Black or Red Angus cows fits this perfectly.  Producers can use them in a terminal program or they can take advantage of their maternal abilities.  We strive to keep our cattle moderate.  Extreme yearling weighs are not part of our production goals.  More moderate growth cattle with larger rib eyes we think  are heavier muscled.  Depth of rib is important to us so our cows can be easier fleshing.

We want to help our customers make their cattle better.  Our customers take pride in the cattle they raise.  We have been breeding cattle artificially professionally for nearly 20 years.  As sales representatives for ABS-Global and Allied Genetics we have access to bulls for you to meet your production goals.  We take the time to heat detect along with using synchronization methods to help group our breeding.  However, we are more interested in pregnancies than finishing the job quickly.  We can develop them, breed them and send them back or, we can continue to feed them through bull clean up period, check them for pregnancy and send them back when you are ready to put them on fall and winter pasture.


Parker Cattle Services


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